What is THINKlocal all about?

We believe that communities thrive when consumers meet, get to know and fall in love with local businesses. It’s about taking ownership, about reminding consumers to consider the impact of the dollars they spend, and about all of us investing in the future of wherever we call home.

Is it just another coupon magazine?

Not at all! Many of our local businesses do include coupons, deals, or special offers into their ads, but the main purpose of THINKlocal is to let consumers know about all the great business going down in their neck of the woods. “Coupon magazines” focus on bombarding consumers with all the hottest bargains so they can hop from one business to the next, depending on who’s cheapest that week.

But those aren’t the customers you really want, and we don’t believe that you need to give away half of your profits to gain good customers. Use THINKlocal as a platform where future loyal customers can get to know you and your business. Tell your story, they want to hear it. Gain customers that come in again and again, not just when you’re the hot deal of the week.

The benefits that set THINKlocal apart:

  • REACH CONSUMERS - Over 10,000 magazines delivered to a defined territory that reaches your target consumers.
  • ONLY THE BEST - THINKlocal uses premium paper stock that holds up to mailing and weather, no floppy magazines.
  • NICE ON THE EYES - Our print quality is superior to ANY current ad magazine out there. Your ad will be sharp & easy to read.
  • DESIGN MATTERS - Professional and polished design is always available if needed. Go to the next level on how you make an impression.
  • GUARANTEED DELIVERY - THINKlocal delivers via the United States Postal Service right to consumers doors.
  • EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS - Sign up for annual discounts, cover spots, social media exposure, multiple communities, and more!
  • SAVE MONEY - Annual plans are available for savings and convenience. THINKlocal works with your budget and timeline.
  • NEW WEBSITE - Stories, Deals, Business Listings, Reviews, Events and more can be found at THINKlocalWI.com which is continuously evolving.
  • NO LONG TERM COMMITMENTS - Don't sign your comfort away. THINKlocal does not require long term contracts, but we do offer specials and saving on annual agreements.

Going Beyond Advertising

THINKlocal Magazine has always had the goal of delivering engaging and original content to the communities that we serve. We go beyond just featuring ads by incorporating original community stories, business owner interviews, event coverage, fun family ideas, and more. We reach out to community members each issue to gather content that will reach our readers in a personal way with the hope of inspiring them to love their local community even more than they already do! 

Want to share your story?

We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us using the form below to submit an interview request. We will be in touch with interview questions for you. Once answered, your interview will be put into article format and will run in the next available issue. 

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THINKlocal is a great way for local companies to connect with the consumers near them, and for those consumers to get to know their local businesses.

Reserve you spot today and reach over 10,000 households with a 1/4 page ad, in 4 issues for only $100 a month!

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THINKlocal is Delivered in

Quarterly Issues

Currently, THINKlocal Magazine is released 4 times a year with plans to expand to a more frequent release plan. Our issues go out quarterly with the seasons; Spring (March delivery), Summer (June delivery), Fall (September delivery), and Holiday (November delivery).

Serving 9 SE WI Communities

And Growing!

THINKlocal is currently available for local businesses that serve...


Want to bring THINKlocal to your community? We believe that every community needs to grow from the inside out. THINKlocal empowers local businesses to work together and spread the message of who their community is comprised of. Through events calendars, editorials, and the chance to meet local business owners - we help spread the word.

Contact us for opportunities to help bring THINKlocal Magazine to your community. Call Today: 414-377-4252  or contact us here.